Lahak Aviation, was established in 2005. The purpose of the company is to build a service of medical air evacuation in Israel by using helicopters that are deployed nationwide and will be available to provide immediate air evacuation and transport service as necessary.

The idea that drives this service is simple - by air transporting patients and injured individuals in an efficient and fast manner to hospitals, we can save lives. We see the need for medical air evacuation and believe that as in many other countries around the world...

Helicopters / VIP Charter

Offices in the US and Israel provide clients with around the clock, and around the world, customer service.
Full service VIP conduct: ground transportation, sightseeing and tours, hotel and restaurant reservations. Executive clients: CEOs of major global corporations, Israeli and US government officials.


The Mediterranean oil and gas industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year. We strive to provide the best on-time performance, the best dispatch and communications, the best pilots and the best experience for our clients.

When you choose Lahak Aviation, you are choosing a team of skilled professionals and aviators that are dedicated to providing you the greatest service possible. Lahak Aviation has been providing offshore crew transportation throughout the Mediterranean since 2010....


Little About Us

Company Mission: Medical: To build and operate successfully a nationwide organization of air evacuation in the State of Israel that will provide a fast, efficient, and safe air transportation service for those in medical need. VIP Charter: to provide a Full service: ground transportation, sightseeing and tours, hotel and restaurant reservations. A first class services for both corporate and private customers. Offshore: Lahak Aviation stands ready to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective specialty rotorcraft services to assist with the offshore drilling efforts. Read more...

Contact Us Haifa 35251 . Yafo 157 Street Tel 04-8555224 - Fax 077-4566125 : Call or Request a quote, click here We always be at your service.