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lahak 1 dispatched

dispatched to a home accident. Evacuation destination, Rambam hospital.

last lahak 1 dispatched

02.09.2017 15:02

dispatched to a medical accident. Evacuation destination, Nahariya hospital

12.07.2016 07:30

Dispatched to a road accident, Evacuation destination Soroka hospital.

11.07.2016 14:00

dispatched to a medical emergency. Evacuation destination, Rambam hospital

09.07.2016 20:00

Dispatched to a road accident, Evacuation destination Rambam hospital.

08.07.2016 20:00

Dispatched to a home accident, Evacuation destination Rambam hospital.

Little About Us

Company Mission: Medical: To build and operate successfully a nationwide organization of air evacuation in the State of Israel that will provide a fast, efficient, and safe air transportation service for those in medical need. VIP Charter: to provide a Full service: ground transportation, sightseeing and tours, hotel and restaurant reservations. A first class services for both corporate and private customers. Offshore: Lahak Aviation stands ready to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective specialty rotorcraft services to assist with the offshore drilling efforts. Read more...

Contact Us Haifa 35251 . Yafo 157 Street Tel 04-8555224 - Fax 077-4566125 : Call or Request a quote, click here We always be at your service.