About us

Aviator excellence :
LAHAK Aviation and PHi have assembled a premier cadre of aviators and mechanics for in-country operation. Our Israeli pilots and Co-Pilots have been selected from premier Israeli rotorcraft units including: Israeli Air Force Blackhawk squadron, Israeli Navy Panther Squadron, as well as the Israeli Civilian Law Enforcement and MedEvac squadron.
PHI Aviators are hand selected :
high time, oil/gas sector pilots with extensive international operations experience.
State of the Art, maritime customized S-76 airframe :
The S-76 aircraft has a long proven track record providing personnel/resource support in the Oil/Gas sector.  Capabilities including range, payload, speed, and reliability are unsurpassed by any other aircraft in its class.
PHI is well established as the experienced provider of services in this sector.  All aviators and mechanics assigned have been  trained, certified, and evaluated through the PHI training academy.   This academy includes class room, flight line, as well as flight simulator training/eval time.   PHI currently operates a Level 3 FTD flight simulator program.
Lahak Aviation has a history working with Elbit Systems for aircraft maintenance.  Elbit systems is the premier aviation resource for worldwide aircraft support.
Parts :
PHI will be supplying an extensive dedicated parts inventory at the disposal of the Lahak/PHI Mediterranean operation.
Israeli  Aviation integration  :  
As a current Israeli operator of rotorcraft assets, LAHAK aviation is fully compliant with all Israeli Civil Aviation Authority regulations and requirements including but not limited to: Operator license, Aviation Commerce license, etc..
Quality System:
LAHAK Aviation Quality Management System Certified by SII (The Standards Institution of Israel) and by IQNet - With full comply to ISO 9001 :2008 Requirements.

Little About Us

Company Mission: Medical: To build and operate successfully a nationwide organization of air evacuation in the State of Israel that will provide a fast, efficient, and safe air transportation service for those in medical need. VIP Charter: to provide a Full service: ground transportation, sightseeing and tours, hotel and restaurant reservations. A first class services for both corporate and private customers. Offshore: Lahak Aviation stands ready to provide safe, reliable, and cost effective specialty rotorcraft services to assist with the offshore drilling efforts. Read more...

Contact Us Haifa 35251 . Yafo 157 Street Tel 04-8555224 - Fax 077-4566125 : Call or Request a quote, click here We always be at your service.