Lahak Aviation has been providing offshore crew transportation throughout the Mediterranean since 2010. Through a joint venture with PHI, Inc., one of the world’s leading helicopter service companies, we provide the appropriate helicopters to transport your crew safely and efficiently. With helicopters and crews based in Haifa and Tel Aviv, we are in the heart of everything while being close to the sea. We provide offshore transportation to many companies in the oil and gas industry.

Currently, Lahak Aviation operates a fleet of twin-engine helicopters on a 24/7 basis – specializing in Air Medical, VIP/Corporate, and Utility transport missions.   We also operate a fleet of Sikorsky S76 C++’s in support of  major offshore projects.

We strive to provide the best on-time performance, the best dispatch and communications, the best pilots and the best experience for our clients. When you choose Lahak Aviation, you are choosing a team of skilled professionals and aviators that are dedicated to providing you the greatest service possible.


We focus on experience and safety when selecting our pilots. Our pilots have thousands of hours of experience of PIC (Pilot-In-Command) time and offshore experience. Every year, they are sent to Lafayette, Louisiana in the United States for a rigorous training at PHI, Inc’s award-winning program. Our pilots understand the importance of on-time performance and keep safety as a top priority in every flight.

Maintenance and Certification

Our helicopters are perfectly maintained through lahak’s maintenance facility, a highly-respected maintenance station, which is supervised and approved by the Israel authorities. We use the highest international standards to ensure every flight is safe and running efficiently. We take every step to “break the error chain” and keep things running smoothly. Our helicopters and pilots are certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel.


Currently, we operate S-76’s and BK’s 117 in offshore configurations. The S-76 has room for up to 12 passengers, equipment and 2 pilots; the BK has room for up to 7 passengers, equipment, and 1 pilot. With bases in Haifa and Tel Aviv, we provide service from the North to the South of Israel as well as the Mediterranean Sea.